Enjoying today’s world and improving it for tomorrow’s generation

Modern day projects carry the responsibility of identifying solutions that satisfy more than process requirements or economic ambitions. The final implementation also needs to consider and address Environmental, Social and Economic factors in order to achieve a sustainable outcome.


The environment around us is our greatest asset. By appropriately managing our interaction with its resources, the quality of this asset can be sustained for this and future generations to enjoy. Hardman Project Services is committed to developing projects in a way that limits environmental impact to within quantified sustainable levels.


Each project will experience a variety of reactions from impacted local communities throughout its development. Social sustainability involves integrating the execution of a project with the community, such that they not only accept, but support the project’s development. Hardman Project Services support our clients by developing and maintaining positive community relations throughout the development of each project.


The global economy is influenced by many factors and can fluctuate in swings that will positively or negatively affect the economics of a project. Economic sustainability is achieved by realistically quantifying project costs to support the identification of opportunities that will remain profitable throughout forecasted economic climates. Hardman Project Services is committed to providing quality services that our client’s decision making processes can rely on.